A Romanian of 16 astonishes with his amazing voice

Talent scouts ‘Romania’s Got Talent’ has emerged a new star in the competition: a teenager of 16 years of age from the village of Bakau in the North of Romania, which has a unique voice.

A young man named Narcis Iustin Ianau appeared in the edition of the television program on February 18. At the time the hearing of the ‘show’ was of two million people, and probably none of them expected a similar vocal power by that skinny boy with glasses.

When Narcis was to sing, the jurors ‘eyes were opened as dishes’. In a few seconds, the judges and the public began to applaud the young man and his amazing voice of soprano.

According to the boy, before the contest only sang in the choir of the Church and all the friends who listened to his voice laughed him.

Narcis also told that he wanted to prove to his mother that he knew to sing as her, which nine years ago went to work to Italy, never considered special voice of his son.