Book on sex of 200 pages blank is supervendido

The British Sheridan Simove edited a book entitled What will each man apart from the sex? (What Every Man Thinks About Apart Sex From), which contains 200 pages without a single word of text.

Despite the absence of words, the book became a bestseller in the United Kingdom. The issue gained fame special among the students, because it is very convenient to use it to make notes. This unique book in an online store can be purchased for about $7.

“I I gave a copy to my colleague for a joke and he began to use it as a notebook.” “Now, apparently, everyone has a copy,” said Jess Lloyd, a student of the University of Nottingham.

The author of the “work” said: “this book is the result of thorough research and case studies of the completed item for 39 years.” “I left nothing to chance and I devoted entirely to the work.”

However, Simove said that after many years of analytical and hard work finally reached the conclusion that men do not think absolutely anything other than sex. “This was a shocking conclusion, and I realized that everyone has to be informed about my discoveries,” he concluded.