Calderon called to reward those who denounce corruption

The fight against corruption in Mexico has taken a new turn with a set of legislative measures proposed by the Mexican President Felipe Calderón. The projects that the President sent to Congress for the first time in the history of Mexico are intended to reward the complaint citizen of cases of public corruption and punish not only who corrupts, but also who bribes.

“Is a social cancer”, recognized Calderón to introducing new legislation. He regretted that corruption has penetrated in depth in all levels of Mexican society and warned that a society that sees normally happens to become a “hotbed for crime”. He added that in Mexico these “bad habits have taken root,” so the problem should “address it head-on and overcome it”.

Citizen complaint to combat corruption

One of the most effective tools to “overcome” the problem of corruption, according to Calderon, turns out to be the complaint public, “both in the public sector, as in the private sector, and that is why we will make intensive use of it”. With the entry into force of the proposals, the Government may “punish severely” both who receive money, and to whom delivered it, explained the President.

Calderon pledged that the process of the denunciation of acts of corruption will be secure for the citizens. “The initiative clearly establishes bases to enable citizens to submit their complaint, defines procedures for the protection to complainants, and provides a mechanism for economic stimulus and recognition to those who contribute to identify, or to prove conduct corrupt, or contrary to the law”He said.

To be found guilty of receiving or delivering bribes, public office would face sentences of imprisonment and disqualification, and businesses, for its part, could be condemned to economic sanctions.

US $ 2.234 billion is spent annually on bribes

In the year 2010, the Ministry of public administration (SFP), the official organ of anti-corruption, sued 1,778 people for alleged crimes of corruption and recognized that this index is the highest in the history of the entity.

According to the Organization transparency Mexicana, one of every 10 public procedures is corrupt and $ 2.234 billion are paid a year in practices related to corruption. In addition, according to estimates, three of every four private companies in Mexico ever have suffered internal blackmail, while all the companies in the country spend between 6% and 10% of their income to bribe politicians and Government officials. The calculations are not addressed to ordinary citizens, who daily are forced to pay to avoid a fine, or to the narcos providing exorbitant sums to carry out their business unless they bother the police.

The amount of corruption equals 9% of GDP

According to the President of the Confederation of industrial chambers of Mexico, Salomón Presburger, Mexico is experiencing “the worst levels registered during the last 10 years in this field”.

“On average the amounts of corruption in Mexico is equivalent to between seven and nine percentage points of GDP.” “If we believe that the rates of economic growth during the past 12 years have not achieved the five percentage points per year, or that the annual total expenditure devoted to education does not exceed this percentage, we can measure the amount of resources lost by the corruption that could be used in the promotion of employment and the progress of the country”, recognizes Presburger.

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