First temporary Egypt Minister presents resignation

The first Minister of the Transitional Government of Egypt, Ahmed Shafik, has today left his post, as it has been reported to the Supreme Military Council of the country on its page on the social network Facebook.

It has replaced it the former Minister of transport of Egypt, Essam Sharaf. According to the statements made on the internet by the temporary Government, Sharaf will soon form a new Government.

Marshal of aviation, Ahmed Mohamed Shafik, was appointed Chief of the temporary Government for the former President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, on 31 January when the country experienced the peak of anti-Government riots.

At the end of February, at the initiative of the army, some changes were made in the Cabinet of Ministers, Shafik however retained his post. However, her figure was not well seen by the opposition forces, demanding the resignation of all politicians close to Mubarak.

Born in Cairo in 1941 Shafik enlisted in the Egyptian air force then graduated in the Academy of the air (1961). As a fighter pilot, he served in several military conflicts against the State of Israel among them that of the Yom Kippur war in 1973. Later, according to the biographical data cited by the agency EFE, was added chief operating officer of the army of the air (1991-1996) and soldier of the Embassy of Egypt in Rome (1984-1986). His forty year military career culminated with his appointment as Commander in Chief of the air force in April 1996 and Minister for Civil Aviation in 2002. From this position he was heading the modernisation of airports in the country, work which is appreciated by all the tourists who have visited the Egyptian centres of tourist interest.