In maintenance after upgrading

There are occasions in which the system of Automatic WordPress updates does not end carried and us leaves our site mode permanent maintenance, or how the website not even access the area of administration, our desktop.

The causes can be many, and the usual lack of memory or permissions when you upgrade the database, which is the step where the more times this process gets stuck.

As well, if it happens you once it is really easy to solve, only need FTP access (or the browser of the admin panel of your hosting provider). You have to do is this:

Access to the root folder of your site through FTPLocalizar a file called ‘. maintenance’ (look at the point, which identifies it as a hidden file, if you don’t set your FTP client to see hidden files) delete or rename this ficheroAcceder – now already normally – to your site and verify that the update has been running “”

As you can see it is very easy to fix, and my recommendation is that if you pass on a regular basis before returning to update you disable manually plugins, even change your theme default, temporarily using the theme by default. Sometimes this is enough.

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