is the Catholic Church in Latin America in crisis?

According to the Vice President of CELAM “this crisis of the Roman Catholic Church can qualify also as a crisis of faith, taking into account the view of society”. It ruled that the specialized summits can be an appropriate means to find a solution.

According to another poll released in late autumn of 2010 by the Pew Forum on religion and public life, an organization based in Washington, D.C., latinos, especially Catholics, are the group with less information about their own religion.

When the questions were about Christianity, Catholic latinos responded correctly only to the third part of the issues, which is a rate considerably lower than had other respondents.

“The Vatican is no longer the benchmark for believers in the developing countries of Latin America”

“The Vatican is no longer the benchmark for believers in the developing countries of Latin America”, said the exobispo of Palencia Nicolás Castellanos, which years ago left his post to devote himself to the work of missionary in Bolivia.

In addition, as stated by the clergy in an interview with the Spanish publication El Mundo, in the North of the continent untrusted at all in the Vatican, while in southern countries its prestige is quite relative.

The cleric harshly criticized the wealth of some sectors of the Church, arguing that “a disciple of Jesus can not live in a Palace”, but should live as simply as possible. “Not accumulating, but simply sharing, which is the key word in my life and all the disciples of Jesus, share and be supportive,” she added.

Bishop Nicolás Antonio Castellanos Franco surprised everyone in 1991 when he decided to abandon his job and head to Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) to be a missionary. He also founded the new men Foundation, which helps to improve the conditions of life in areas poor in the country. He was awarded several times, one of the most prestigious awards was a Prince of Asturias Award.

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