It aggravates the situation in Libya and Gates jokes about the subject

The atmosphere of tension in Libya is growing. Troops loyal to the Libyan leader Muammar al – Gaddafi clashed with rebel forces in a coastal strip along with Ras Lanuf and Es Sider oil terminals in the East of the country.

Tuesday Gaddafi aviation bombed rebel positions of Ras Lanuf, after the attacks of the previous day. The number of deaths is not known at the moment. After the air strikes the Ras Lanuf oil terminals were closed, as well as the nearby Brega. In the last few hours many local families left the area to seek refuge in Benghazi, the capital of the rebels in the western end of the country.

He has been known also that the Japan Government took the decision to apply sanctions to Libya by the UN last month and will freeze assets that may have Japan the own Muammar al – Qadhafi and five of their children. Addition, Japan prohibited them from entering its territory.

A political joke of Gates

While the international community seeks ways to resolve the crisis in Libya, the senior military United States joke about a possible invasion of the North African country. Microphones have captured a mocking dialogue between Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, and the Commander of American troops in Afghanistan, the general David Petraeus, during a visit by Gates to Afghanistan.

Upon receiving the head of the Pentagon in the Kabul airport, the general noted that the high official came in a larger than normal aircraft and asked jokingly if it was because planned an attack on Libya, to which Gateslaughing, gave an affirmative answer.

Tripoli, the center of the “propaganda battle”

According to the majority of international chains, Tripoli is a Libyan cities most affected by the clashes between supporters of Gaddafi and his opponents. But in reality the city does not seem to be in the midst of a civil war, but that rather it has become a real battle field of the media that are struggling to impose “its” truth about what is happening there.

Not only senior government officials do see certain assumptions mounts and deception but that also the common population denounces these actions. For its part, Gaddafi related groups continue to claim that Libya never cease to be faithful to their leader despite the criticisms they receive from abroad. To show their support for the President, some people have called holiday in their work to collaborate in this cause.

It seems that the support of a part of the Libyan people to Muammar al – Gaddafi is much stronger than what they wanted to show the Western media, although it will be the conflict itself and the time those who make the truth to light.

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