Juvenile alcoholism threatens Russian youth

Many young people are drinking alcohol as a diversion, but over time becomes a very serious problem. However, the authorities do not rigorously control the access of adolescents to drink.

According to recent studies, in Russia there are about 60,000 teenage alcoholics. Two in three young people aged between 13 and 16 drink every day.

“The problem is that children are beginning to drink alcohol on an ongoing basis at the age of 14-15 years.” It takes a little time to develop the unit. “For this reason, when they come to seek help now it is too late and sometimes not we can rescue them this situation”, said Yevgeny Briun, head of the Department of the Ministry of health.

In Russia it is prohibited to sell alcohol to persons under 18 years, but in many stores do turn a deaf ear to this regulation. The team of RT has accompanied with a camera hidden activists of a youth organisation to check if it really is so easy for young people to buy a bottle of any drink strong graduation. In just a few minutes the activists have found that there is not any kind of restriction by the traders to sell alcohol to minors.

Many blame the fines too low which imposed for that offence, are not nearly what you can make selling beer to teens. For this reason, few vendors that are going to deny the sale.

But in one of the most popular stores in the capital, the situation was more encouraging. There the experiment did not work. The girls who were trying to buy alcohol asked for documentation.

“Unfortunately, one of every two kiosks or supermarkets sell cigarettes or alcoholic beverages to adolescents.” “But we also need to highlight the positive trends we are seeing,” said the activist Semyon Danilov.

The Russian Parliament, for its part, is introducing harsher punishments to those who sell alcohol or tobacco to minors. But apart from the State, are the families which should endeavour to further the education of their children.

“The parents are responsible for their children until they reach the age of 18.” “If we do them fined when their children drink or smoke, the level of their responsibility would increase,” said the Deputy of the Duma State Robert Schléguel.

However, for the owners of the stores make money is more important than the health of consumers, whether minor or not. And by selling vodka to a teenager do it without thinking that you are becoming much more than the value of the drink.