Second victim of drug of “Alice in chains”

The artist of the low electric Mike Starr was found dead on March 8 at his home in Salt Lake City in the State of Utah in the United States. UU. . Officially the reason of the death of the musician’s 44 years was not announced.

The former participant of the band ‘ Alice in chains’ declared openly in the fight against addiction of drugs on the television show ‘celebrity rehab with Dr.Drew’ (rehabilitation of the stars) in 2009 and 2010 the continuation of the programme ‘sober house’ (the House of Temperance). Despite his battle with “fierce demon”, on February 17, 2011 Starr arrested you with accusation of storing drugs. These recent problems with the law on the subject of banned medicines give the press indirect allusions to the cause of his death.

“It’s horrible to hear the news that Mike gave up to his illness.” It is terribly sad. “Our prayers are with his family,” was Dr. Drew Pinsky, who treats patients in ‘celebrity rehab’ on Twitter.

“That sad.” He was seen in ‘ Celebrity Rehab and I simply cabeceé. “I think that it is now among many other greats, as Hendrix, Joplin, Layne and many, many others”, “drugs are a curse on society and people have to talk about drugs, they must understand that drugs are not a solution””, but the cause of the problem”. Thus respond to the death of Starr in the comments on the website under news.

‘ Alice in chains’ was created in 1987 in Seattle, State of Washington. Mike Starr played there until 1993 and left shortly after the broadcast of the ‘dirt’ album which was successful. During his rehabilitation in ‘celebrity rehab’ mentioned that he threw the band by their problems with drugs. Drugs also complicated the situation for the lead singer of the whole, Layne Staley, who died of overdose in 2002. The musicians of ‘alice In chains’ that are alive published the announcement of sympathy with regard to the death of Mike Starr.

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