Simple Tags back to the past

If you are fond of using the Simple Tags plugin and you’ve seen that there is a new version (beta 1 and 2) perhaps you should think you it before upgrading.

And it is that this version 2 in beta that we offer does not incorporate advances as usual but that is a return to simplicity, to the past.

What they have done has been to greatly reduce the weight and load the plugin, eliminating many of the functions that have made it so popular, something which in my view have not in the best way, but I do not explayo me to detail the changes:

Removed the marcadoresSe removed entries relacionadasSe removed the tags relacionadasSe removed nofollowSe options removed the tags as keywords HTMLSe removed the function to show tags in the entry actualSe removes the option to auto – add etiquetasSe removed the tags incrustadasSe changes the method of tags per page

So it improves the memory consumption, and that everything can be disabled and left to use variables of classes for the options, in addition to using the WordPress AJAX libraries

Well well, understand that they want to ease consumer memory the plugin, but from there to remove what has done it so popular, allowing to eliminate other plugins already that this it did even better, it seems the least appropriate way. I think that it would have been better to leave all without installing by default, WordPress does with the installer of importers, but I believe that it is an error to disable functions that have made this one of the most popular and recommended plugin, at least for my.

In consequence, which currently happens to my list of plugins to update.

What have you tried already?

Note: as in the comments many say that “you has gone hand in hand and you have upgraded,” I remind you that you can always return to install previous versions from the page of the plugin (any plugin), on the link called “Other versions”. In this case the page is this and the link to the last “full” version, the 1.8, this other.

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