The cuts suffered Hannibal

The shrinkage in the organizational structure of the Office of Cabinet is not the first coup that reduces the spaces that handles Government Aníbal Fernández, who is now hastened to make it clear that no one is cutting the power.

The most visible was in December, when control of the security forces was transferred from the orbit of the Ministry of Justice, headed by Julio Alak, the brand new Security Ministry, which became part of the then Minister of Defense Nilda Garre. The change involved a loss of interference by the Chief of staff in this area, although Fernández clarified that he was not losing power.

In January, Juan Manuel Abal Medina joined the communication of the Ministry of public management. Both depend on – and are still depending on after change of today – of Fernandez. But Abal Medina responds directly to President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, while his predecessor, José Lucas Gancerain, did not have direct line with the President but by the Chief of staff, who was, moreover, one of the officials of confidence. The Secretariat handles no less than the multimillion-dollar advertising pattern of the State and the football program for all. Also then, Fernandez denied that he was going to be able to.

In early February, Hernán Ordiales assumed as representative of the Government in Council of the Magistracy. He did in replacement of Hector Masquelet, who occupied the Ministry of Justice and was also a man close to Fernandez and Alak.

More recently, Santiago Alvarez, a member of La Campora and editor of the young supplement of the newspaper ultrakirchnerista looks to the South, became the new manager of news of the public television (Channel 7) in replacement of Omar Basalo, another man who responded to the Chief of staff.