The Tower most high in the world

Although ‘The tree of heaven’ has yet to ‘ grow ‘ 30 more meters, already has become one of the main symbols and tourist attractions of the city. Thus, during the weekends, the construction site becomes one of the most visited in Japan’s capital.

“Being Japanese, am proud of that we have precisely the tallest communications tower,” said one of the citizens of the capital.

Some consider that the construction of the Tower in Tokyo is a symbol of the ‘constant rivalry’ between Japan and China. Meanwhile, it seems, the desire to outdo their rivals was not the only reason for the creators of the Japanese project.

It should be noted that the replacement of the previous tower was imminent for the city needs, since from this Japan summer ends completely analog television, digitizing all the television signal of the country. He also planned to the district near the new Tower, which is currently filled small shops, will become a major commercial center of fun.

The building, which will begin operating in the spring of 2012, provides for the accommodation of shops on its first floor, as well as access to a subway station.

After reaching its maximum height at the end of March, the ‘Sky Tree’ will have to go through numerous revisions, so it can reopen ‘Heavenly’ only in spring of this year. However, the sale of the souvenirs of the tower is already in full swing.

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