The use of electronic equipment makes it difficult to sleep

Watch TV, check the iPad or email at night, before going to bed can disturb sleep, according to a study published Monday by the National Sleep Foundation at United States.

As reported the EFE agency, the Foundation annually a survey on sleep habits, and found that 43% of Americans, from 13 to 64 years, says rarely or never can sleep well at night during the week.

The study found that the use of the technology of communications before going to sleep is a widespread phenomenon. Almost all respondents, 95 per cent, said that he watches television or uses some kind of electronic device such as a computer, a console video game or a mobile phone, at least, one hour before bedtime.

The mobile phone, has also become a focus of sleep disturbance, longer than one in ten young people between 13 and 18 years, says that it is awakened all or almost every night by a text messagea phone call or an email.

Two-thirds of respondents indicated that during the week they get no sleep what would need to be rested.

The majority said that they need between seven and seven and a half hours to feel good, but they sleep on average six hours and 55 minutes.

15% Of respondents, aged 19 to 64, and 7 per cent between 13 and 18 years olds, say that they sleep less than six hours a day during the week.

“This survey explores the Association of the use of new technologies of communication and the habits of the American dream,” said David Cloud, director of the National Sleep Foundation.

“While these technologies have become commonplace, is clear that we need to learn more about its proper use and leave them on the sidelines to complete a good sleep habits,” added.

Another discovery is that the Americans also take small NAPs to combat sleep during the day, in addition to the classic remedy of coffee.

In United States a person drink on average one litre of coffee per day and there is little difference between the different age groups that have participated in the study.

Drowsiness is dangerous when it comes to driving, also warns this Foundation.

50% Of the respondents, between 19 and 29 years, acknowledged that he had led with dream at least once in the last month.

More than a third of the X generation (between 30 and 45 years old), 40%, said that he had done, while only 28% of the “baby boomers” (from 46 to 64 years) did so.


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