Timerman made propaganda K UN and No talk of Libya

28/02/11 – 19: 37

He spoke before the Council of human rights in Geneva. While the discussion focused on the situation of the Arab countries, the controversial Chancellor confirmed the Argentine position on Falkland and disbanded in praise to the human rights of Government policy.

Héctor Timerman was presented today at the UN headquarters in Geneva on the so-called segment of high-level sixteenth session of the Council of human rights. There the controversial Chancellor confirmed the Argentine position on Falkland to the holder of the General Assembly, Joseph Deiss. But while the situation of the Arab countries, and Libya in particular, monopolized discussions, Timerman preferred not to touch the subject and elaborate on the other hand in the progress of the Government in the field of human rights.

Timerman said the “frustration argentina because the United Kingdom, being a permanent member of the Security Council, does not comply with multiple resolutions of the United Nations year after year to urge the parties to resume negotiations to find a solution pacifica and finally to the sovereignty dispute”.

“United Kingdom persists in unilateral and illegal, acts that include activities of exploitation and exploration of natural resources and military exercises as a missile in violation as well as the safety standards of the International Maritime Organization and resolution 31/49 of the General Assembly of the United Nations urging the two parties” “to refrain from taking unilateral decisions”, recalled the Chancellor.

In addition, the Chancellor held several bilateral meetings at the Palais des Nations. In the morning, he was received by the High Commissioner for human rights, the South African Navanethem Pillay.

Timerman told Pillay that “the Argentina has been placed at the defence and promotion of human rights as one of the cornerstones of its foreign policy”. He added that “now is taking place a process unprecedented in the prosecution of crimes against humanity.” “, And the fight against discrimination and the promotion of equality are central places on the agenda”.

He then met with the Director General of the international of the Labour Office (ILO), Juan Somavia.

At the end of the meeting, Somavia announced that it has sent representatives to various countries of the Arab world to deepen the reports of the Office on reality of work and wages in the region.

Already about noon, Timerman met with the Minister of the human rights of Brazil, Maria do Rosário Nunes.