Top 10 exotic free energy

Before you begin, you must clarify something:
142fc496eac1104b24ae30fdcb1cffa1.12761748631There are 2 free, green and alternative energy types:

1 – The alternatives that we all know as solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, etc. Thousands of studies show that these renewable sources are sufficient to satisfy all demand global energy. The only brake, are egocentric interests of those with power and great resistance to change is the man.

2 – The EXOTIC free energy. These are little known by the scientific community and they are either deleted by the interests of the megacorporations that run the world (controlling energy for example)

At the next Conference, will play EXOTIC free energy. These technologies are controversies for many. However are 100% real. The man who exposed the Conference is called Sterlling Allan. My friends, and even I myself have had contact with this man, and I can assure you that it is a good person, which is struggling to expose suppressed technologies, through its site called PESWIKI free energy. It is a website highly recommended. Here I leave.

Here the Conference (we seek volunteers offered to subtitle the video)



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