(UNITED STATES)UU. : Almost 700 gang members arrested in operation

Service of immigration and customs enforcement (ICE, for its acronym in English) in the United States. UU. arrested nearly 700 gang, linked to gangs in the drug traffic in several cities in the United States. UU. According to the director of the ICE, John Morton, is a record of people arrested. The arrested individuals belong to a total of 133 different bands.

These arrests were part of a large operation, called “Southern Tempest” (Southern storm), which lasted for three months in all States of the country. In addition to the arrests, security forces seized several weapons, drugs and money.

But despite the successes announced by the immigration service, some experts believe that United States. UU. only answer violence with violence and does not seek the roots of the problem.

“This operation has to do with the recent assassination of Jaime Zapata, official of American immigration.” As a result, there was immediately an operation in several cities in the United States. UU. “where captured several people connected with the trafficking of drugs in Mexico”, he told RT Francisco Acosta, the analyst of the Council on hemispheric Affairs.

“Obviously, drug gangs in Mexico have their reference in the United States.” UU. So far there was not an operation in this dimension by the Government of the United States. UU. in the country. I believe that the recent operation is a good step, but much more to do. “To my it seems to me that authorities solve the problem, responding with violence to the violence and have to go to the root of the problem rather than the consequences”, said the expert.

According to Acosta, “the gangs are much more profound social problem.” This is what is called a side effect of what was the civil war in Central America and the support given by the United States to dictatorial governments of that time. Effect of the war, many families immigrated to the United States. UU. and not found an atmosphere of welcome. “The children of these families were developed without parents, were as abandoned and now became gang.”

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