(UNITED STATES)UU. and its allies to discuss possible intervention in Libya

United States and their allies to discuss possible military intervention in Libya, he declared it the official representative of the Department of State Philip Crowley.

“We are following closely the situation in Libya and know that they are continuing clashes between the allies of Gaddafi and the opposition.” (UNITED STATES) UU. “evaluating methods, how the international community can influence the situation in Libya,” said Crowley in a press conference last Friday.

He recalled that EE.UU. It continues with the evacuation of its citizens and the people of other countries from Libya. Two American planes arrived yesterday to Tunisia with water supplies and medications to deliver aid to the refugees. According to the official, among other issues discussed also the possibility of closing the air communication or its air blockade.

“We are discussing with our partners, including NATO, possible measures we can take.” “However, I repeat, that the best way out of Colonel Gaddafi is cease attacks on its citizens and give”, it said Crowley.

Gaddafi calls that they suspended the sanctions of the UN

The Government of Muammar al – Gaddafi asked Friday to the Security Council of the United Nations to suspend sanctions imposed against the Libyan leader. The official letter dated 2 March stated that “minimal” force has been applied against the Protestants, and that the Government was “astounded” by the sanctions issued last week.

The regime drew to suspend the assets ordered against Gaddafi and his environment “until peace is established”.

The message sent to the Security Council by Mohammad Musa Kusa, the representative of the Committee on foreign relations of Libya was the first official reaction to the UN.

At least 30 killed in renewed fighting in Libya

The fighting in the strategically important city Az Zabia killed at least 30 people.

By the night of Friday to Saturday, troops loyal to Muammar al – Gaddafi attacked the city in about 50 km north of the capital of Libya. While it is no longer the first attack on the fortifications of insurgents, Az Zabia remains under the control of the opposition. The sky over the city, which is monitored by a second straight week by insurgents, scratches by helicopters.

Most of the insurgents were concentrated in the central square of the city and intend to keep the defense.

Libyan State television reported that the city passed again to Gaddafi loyalists forces, although later in a Government report, it was reported that it was a “resistance foques”.

Meanwhile yesterday in his interview of Al Jazeera, the son of Libyan leader Seif al – Islam promised “to see the world in the coming days with a few surprises that will be in Libya”.