WangGuard, the definitive anti-splog

Long that José conti is fighting against this scourge of spam blogs facilities multisitio and BuddyPress, and seems that he has finally given the solution. Do the best?, that has created a plugin, free for non-commercial use, to support to grated to the annoying blogs.

I’m talking about his recent child: WangGuard, already in the official WordPress repository. With this plugin, which is installed like any other, you have in your WordPress Akismet-style system, but specialized in blogs. When a user tries to register on your site WangGuard checks if it is in the database of sploggers (in continuous growth) and if it were not allows you to create blog, simple.

Of course, via the API, you can improve the database, something highly recommended.

It was going to tell some memorable phrase that encourage you to install it but best this Jose…

WangGuard is more than a simple access control system, is a server controlling the registration of users not desired, a server that will check when you want if you have no legitimate registered users, and this is just the beginning.

So you know, if you want to have your installation of WordPress multisitio safe from sploggers install I WangGuard, “Made in Spain”.