WordPress 3.1 available – the new revolution

Well Yes, and here is the new revolution of WordPress. And it is that although a priori seems that innovations are few, make me case, WordPress 3.1 is a new beginning in the way of seeing WordPress as a CMS. There are small developments that will mark a before and a later in the development and use of this beloved platform.

The main novelties are these:

Internal links – click the new button to internal links You can look for an entry or revise existing content to link it.Admin bar – contains several links to access various administration screens. By default, the admin bar shows when a user has accessed and are visiting the site, and is not shown on the screens of administration in simple installations (without activated multisitio). For installations with multisitio shows both when visiting the site as on managementimprovements in the writing interface screens – new WordPress users will find the screen of writing much cleaner than before, with most of the hidden options by default. (you can click on options screen from the top to redisplay them)Input formats – the information in the formats They can use the themes it to customize the presentation of an entry. You will find more information on input formats (in English yet).Network administrator – moved the Super Administrator menus and related pages from the screen of usual admin to the new network administrator screen.Screens of administration in list mode – you can sort columns of screens with lists (pages, entries, comments, etc.) to improve the page.The exporter/importer improvements – there are many changes in the information of the author, improvement in the management of taxonomies and terms, proper support of navigation, etc.improvements in the type of custom content menus – allows developers to create pages of file and have more controls capabilities and top menus. Learn more in types of entry (in English yet).Consultations advanced – allows developers to query multiple taxonomies and custom fields.A color scheme blue for Administration cooler that focus on your content.

As always, you have available on the desktop of your WordPress and WordPress.org official page.