WordPress 3.1 removes and pon admin bar

A new Visual (and useful) feature of WordPress 3.1 is the new admin bar displayed on the content of our site and/or desktop for providing us with access to the most common functions and that, in the near futureIt is possible to include more and more community features, but well, that’s another story.

Legions of fans and detractors what has brought this new bar for admin, a clone – closed at the moment – of the bar of WordPress.com, is almost to the same extent. For fans is a great way for registered users in your site access quickly, at least…

Publish new entries and páginasTu profile usuarioEl short of the entadasOpciones of appearance (admins only) escritorioEnlaces management of comments (by author up) updates (admins only) statistics (if you have installed the plugin Stats)

And, although each user can specify in your profile page if you want to unhide the toolbar on the desktop, on the site, in both or in any part, it does not appear to be a complete solution that offers these options. The complaint of critics is that the bar is annoying and intrusive, ugly, not adapting to the design of its theme, that if the browser confuses his readers with the theme Finder, which can not pre – define if their new registered users or not will see it, etc. (complete your list).

As well, as there is solution for everything in life, here I leave with you a few plugins are already available to try to please everyone, then at the end I say unto you which seems best to me:

Admin bar disabler: removes completely the admin bar, site or even redStick Admin Bar To Bottom: If you do not want the bar above can why not put her down?Admin bar hide: hides the bar completamenteAlways admin bar show: here we begin to loop the loop, the bar is always shown with this plugin, even to non registered users get complete but only with a link to access the site, a way to encourage your readers to register great.Logged Out Admin Bar: similar to the previous, testing, and eligeAdmin Bar as Menu: a variation of the above, the bar becomes a small menu when the user is not registradoHide Admin Bar Search: If you don’t want to be confused with two search engines to your readers (or who use only which your have put in the subject) can remove the search engine the admin bar, passing the do more Fade Away WordPress Admin Bar minimalistaPerS: a small visual virguería because what makes this plugin is to put translucent admin bar when you scroll through the site, making it less annoying visualmenteAdmin bar minimiser: a solution that appeal to many, what it does is add a submenu which allows to minimize / maximize bar admin to just one small square at the top izquierdaShow/hide WP Admin bar: very similar to the previous, test it again and choose which best suits your gustosAuto admin bar hide: If you want that your toolbar automatically hide when not need this is your pluginGlobal Hide/Remove Admin Bar Plugin: insurance that you will like to be able to choose if your registered users will see the admin bar or not, with this plugin you have a setting to remove the possibility your users decide if same if they will see it or not, you decide your

And now I have to choose. As well, although still not installed none permanently, after testing them, believe that end up using some of them showing the bar to non registered users in sites that want to promote the register, at the time to let them hide it manually whenever you want butof course, deciding if they will see it or not by default. Of which I am also sure is disable the search bar.

And you do you like her bar yore or not?